thoughts and ramblings of a 20-something mom, marketer, writer, spendthrift, drinker, cook...etc. etc. who is far too scatter-brained to fit into a typical blog category.



all about me:


so, what the heck is this blog anyways and WHO is megan?

am i a mom blogger? well, i did birth a child, so i guess they'll let me in the club.

am i a food blogger? well, i tend to eat about three meals and two snacks (conservatively) every day, so count me in.

am i a wine blogger? well, if there's wine (or beer) involved, i'll be there.

am i a fashion blogger? well, like everyone, i do fancy myself "stylish." but i also i don't spend more than $12.99 on a shirt, so it's your call here.

am i a beauty blogger? well, i do proudly veer right when i shop at ulta, so they might kick me out of that category.

am i a travel blogger? well, i post way to many photos every time i go more than 50 miles from home, so i'd say i'm qualified.

in short, i live a full life. i have the sweetest family and friends who oddly enjoy spending time with me. i eat good food, drink good wine & beer, spend way too much on material things, and try really hard to raise a cool kid (while swearing and laughing at his tantrums along the way). life's a playground and it's always recess—except when i'm at my 9-5.